What I'm Up To

Listening to Music on a iPod Again

I recently got my hands on a used iPod Classic 5th Gen, and I dove into upgrading the hard drive and installing RockBox. If you’d like to read about the details check out my post here.

Tinkering with Linux

I've really been enjoying diving into making my online presence more "hands on" over the last few months. I'm loving tinkering with this site and begginging to program a little bit again. Going down the open source rabbit hole landed me on running Pop!_OS as my daily driver laptop opperating system. I'm planning on making a post here about my experiences so far here soon! *will update this block when it's posted*

Around the Web

I write a more focused newsletter about life, faith, and spirituality (from the perspective of someone who grew up fundementalist evangelical and left that way of being behind) you can find it here on Substack